Nice to meet you!

In my 40s
Happily married
Proud mom of a 5-year-old daughter
Love my job, good wine, cooking, deep conversations, foreign languages, music and much more...

Of course, I won't tell you about my weaknesses here ;), I have them, just like any other person and not everything always goes smoothly. What I am firmly convinced of is that we accept and learn to love ourselves with all our faults, weaknesses and painful experiences.
We are not perfect, but our rough edges make us tangible, unique and lovable.

My weaknesses have also made me predisposed to this wonderful profession, so I feel deep gratitude for them. But now, coupled with my strengths, I want to turn them into action! For you!

In me you will meet a balanced, approachable and cheerful person, a smart interlocutor, who listens to you well, is curious and open, but also full of respect for your fate. 

I am genuine.