Your emotional well-being - my mission

Everybody's got a special talent.
I strongly believe in what I do and would like to support you in what you need. I adapt my offer individually to your personal demands and goals. As a client, you'll find in me a highly motivated, warm-hearted, efficiently working therapist/counselor who works according to scientifically sound methods and findings. As an expert in psychological issues I will work out with  you - as an expert of your own life - an individual solution according to your wishes - whatever cross you bear...

Client-centered therapy (C.Rogers)

We ourselves are our most critical adversaries: we feel ashamed, guilty, insignificant, pushed around, angry, going through a bad crisis and not knowing what to do or maybe we are totally afraid of something...We feel 'not right' and our self-perception is distorted by internalized beliefs and our perceived shortcomings....

Do you know that you carry the optimal conditions for your personal development and maturation within yourself and you are best able to analyze your personal situation and work out solutions for your own problems?

My practice offers you the appropriate space and time for this natural process. 
As a therapist I offer you my warm, empathetic and unconditionally appreciative attitude. In this safe and secure environment, you can freely explore what inner conflicts and feelings are bothering you, and also express them openly - without shame or remorse. Through therapeutic mirroring, active and emphatic listening, you will gain clarity about your inner world, fully accept yourself, and find ways to solve your problems.

Psycho-oncological counsultation

Cancer is change - on all levels: physically and emotionally! For you and your relatives, this means an encounter with a lot of uncertainty, characterized by fear, anger, helplessness and powerlessness.
Why do I have this?
What will happen next?
Which treatment is the right one? 
What will give me support and hope? 
What can I do as a family member or friend to provide meaningful support?
How can I keep my cool? 
Thousands of questions and topics that are worth paying attention to, because you are worth it!


The worst state for your immune system is the feeling of helplessness and powerlessness - exactly the feeling comes up at the suspicion and even more at the diagnosis and captures the mind.


Coming back into control, a feeling of manageability and meaningfulness... how wonderful and healthy would that be?


In my psycho-oncological counseling, I pay attention to the psychological factors of a healing process. I would like to bring you closer to the connections between psyche, body and desease.  It is good to accept psychological support throughout the entire recovery process! You can cry the tears that you so often suppress out of consideration, feel into yourself and listen to your inner voice. I would like to show you ways out of your - often seemingly bleak - situation!

As hard as it sounds, such a tumor, that change in the body's own cells, is always also an opportunity to set mental change processes in motion, to rethink old patterns or beliefs, to clean up, to build up better resilience in order to be able to deal with stress factors more ideally in the future. Healing begins when you understand that you are responsible for your own actions. A more conscious lifestyle, self-awareness and recognizing your personal needs help tremendously. 
I will be happy to work with you to develop a strategy that will serve your goals.